J.D.’s Music Monday Pick: Electric Light Orchestra - “10538 Overture”

Hey everybody, this is J.D. King from The Olms… I love music! I’ve been passionate about collecting it since I was a young lad, it was like fuel then, and still is to me now. We here at The Olms Corporation skyscraper, in between hostile takeovers, sit in our cushy chairs high above the bustling metropolis and find our meditation atop the clouds listening to all kinds of music on all sorts of mediums. Be it 78s, LPs, 45s, reel to reel, cylinders, what have you, music enriches our lives, no question, and it’s a pleasure for me to share some of my favorite recordings with you. 

*I personally suggest listening to these on vinyl, reel to reel or another higher medium other than digital by the way. You’ll thank yourself later for doing so, trust me.

J.D.’s Music Monday Pick: Electric Light Orchestra - “10538 Overture”

You’ve got the latest incarnation of The Move on this sucker, Bev, Jeff and Roy, but with a new name? Yeah, great stuff. Love the early E.L.O., always will.


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